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Bloomlight - Curious street lanterns that bend down to meet you

Prize(s) Winners in Interactive Lighting Products
Company VOUW
Lead Designers Justus Bruns and Mingus Vogel
Photo Credits VOUW
Completion Date May 2021
Project Location Amsterdam, NL
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Entry Description

Inspired by the mesmerizing motion of grass in the wind as well as the issue of light pollution, Bloomlight is a lantern that responds to the passersby like an organic creature. The dark lanterns curiously bend toward approaching the passerby and unfurl a bloom of soft light, much like a curious organism might.
The passerby can experience a rare sensation of being seen and responded to by a friendly-seeming machine whilst they are comforted by the bloom’s warm glow. As they walk away, the Bloomlight gradually returns to its upright resting position, closes its bloom, and dims its light once more.