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The Ellipse

Prize(s) Winners in Desk Lamps, Floor Lamps
Company hollis+morris
Lead Designers Mischa Couvrette
Completion Date April 2022
Project Location Toronto, Canada
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Entry Description

The Ellipse is a part of founder and lead designer Mischa Couvrette's most recent Scope Collection of Lighting, designed like gibbous moons, strung up and dangling.

The Ellipse features a metal trio frame, each encapsulating a frosted acrylic disk lined with LEDs to create a statement light. Every angle of the fixture showcases a different shape and form, resembling the different phases of the moon. The Ellipse is available as a chandelier and floor lamp and displays a dialogue between metal and frosted acrylic. Like the phases of the moon affect the tides by drawing earth's water towards it, the dynamic shape and form of the light draws your attention.