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Maja: a System of Folding Lighting Fixtures

Prize(s) Winners in Designer and Custom Lighting
Company OBLUMO - Objetos Luminosos
Lead Designers Magdalena Boggiano
Completion Date 2021
Project Location Ciudad de Buenos Aires
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Entry Description

Maja: a System of Folding Lighting Fixtures
When developing this system I assumed the challenge of minimising carbon footprint. The system reduces the amount of packaging material needed, as well as storage and transport space.
A good analogy of this quality is an umbrella: the space required to store an open umbrella highlights the value of the folding nature of the Maja system. It not only minimises environmental impact, but also reduces shipping costs.
The folding nature is also what defines the morphology of Maja, its beauty that of an object whose form is determined by its function.
Another Maja characteristic is its versatility: varying the number and size of plaques and their materials and colours yields many different models.
Maja is basically made of two components: the rigid plaques and the fabric that binds them together, which acts as a hinge. No metal pieces or screws are necessary. It is assembled in a very intuitive manner.
The folding nature of the system has an additional benefit: it involves the end-user in an active role during the assembly process: a Maja lighting fixture invites the user to play for a while and to share the joy of doing and transforming.
Company Description

OBLUMO is a firm dedicated to the design and manufacture of light fixtures. We are committed to quality manufacturing techniques and design excellence: each material is manually selected and processed. Founded in the year 2000 in Buenos Aires by Magdalena Boggiano, the firm has gained market recognition and numerous design awards.