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Neural Lighting

Prize(s) Winners in Chandeliers
Company Pearl Academy, Delhi, India
Lead Designers Punkaran Singh
Other Designer's names Ramandeep Singh
Photo Credits Punkaran Singh
Completion Date 11/03/2022
Project Location New Delhi
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Entry Description

Lamp that lights the ambiance appealingly, can be controlled by mind concentration through EEG technology.
This is a universal lamp, a depiction of neurons inside our brain. The lamp helps a person to build a bond through concentration and focus. With the right amount of concentration and focus, one can control the lighting of the lamp. Hence, lights the ambiance appealingly and relaxes the mind.
This product can be customized according to different spaces and size requirements. Therefore, can be installed in public spaces, providing an interactive experience as well as in homes as a chandelier, enriching the ambiance.