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META (UpperPlace) Light Sculpture Installation

Prize(s) Winners in Interactive Lighting Products / Landscape Lighting
Company Teddy Lo Studio
Lead Designers Teddy Y. M. Lo
Other Designer's names Alfred Lui, Jon Parry Jones
Client Kelvin Wong
Photo Credits Mark Luk
Completion Date 16 Nov, 2021
Project Location UpperPlace, No.8 Huoju Road, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China
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Entry Description

A 4.5 metre tall stainless steel icosahedron light sculpture art installation.

The sculpture was created by forging together fabrications and 3D designs. One of the most complex parts of the artwork are the parametric light contours surrounding the polyhedral form which are generated with minimal surfaces in a solid platonic form.

The contour system was created for a custom addressable white LED linear product with a DMX control system. The polyhedron and laser cut geometric details are illuminated and accentuated by two concentric circular lighting coves with addressable RGBW products.

Two electrical control systems are integrated underneath the installation and connected to a control room 50 meters away. The lighting system is also equipped with a photonic sensor so it won’t be overwhelmingly bright.

The installation runs on pre-set sequences with WI-FI allowing the user to control the artwork up to 100 meters away and project various lighting effects creatively and flexibly.
Company Description

My creative vision evolves around neo-transcendental art, the integration of spiritual ideas in the physical-scientific world. My work is inspired by current technologies and technological reality. It manifests in artistic expressions through light. Lo held exhibitions in Luminale in Frankfurt, Asia Society in Hong Kong, Museum of Art and Design in NYC, Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Arts, Art Centre BUDA Kortrijk in Belgium etc. In addition, commission work for the tallest building in China - The Shanghai Tower and created the digital media infrastructure for World Trade Center in NYC.