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ST-Series | Solar Street Lighting

Prize(s) Winners in Solar Lighting
Company Smart Era Lighting Systems
Lead Designers Rafael Badilla
Other Designer's names Garrett Higgins
Client City of Sarasota
Photo Credits Rafael Badilla
Completion Date July 20, 2022
Project Location Lido Key in Sarasota, FL
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Entry Description

The ST-Series solar street lighting is a highly customizable system with a single and double-panel version capable of generating up to 480 Watts of power. This system features a patented wave pattern design utilizing flexible solar panels, allowing it to capture solar energy regardless of the installation's latitude effectively. In addition, because of the ST-Series' flexible design, it is able to withstand hurricane-speed winds by displacing energy through vibration, as it did in Sarasota, FL, during hurricane Ian. Often paired with sea turtle-safe lighting, the ST-Series elevates itself from an environmentally responsible option to an ethical one for wildlife. The recently completed sea turtle-safe solar lighting project in Sarasota, FL proved to be one of the country's most prominent and displayed how cities and industries can come together and solve problems for humans and wildlife alike.
This design has become widely received and has shed a fun and exciting light on a necessary industry, Solar Power. The ST-Series shows that cutting-edge technology with playful design can be combined into a valuable and applicable solution.
Company Description

SELS is a solar design company based in the USA. Starting in 2014, we design and manufacture high-quality yet affordable solar lighting systems—from converting diesel-powered construction equipment to solar street lighting to smart solar benches.
SELS prides itself on sustainable, ethical, and accessible energy solutions. We specialize in generalizing; searching and learning to identify the energy-related pain points in society to develop solar-powered solutions for them. We make the world a better and more beautiful place for us and the billions of humans to live on earth in the future.