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SSL | Solar Shelter Lighting

Prize(s) Winners in Solar Lighting
Company Smart Era Lighting Systems
Lead Designers James Otteson
Other Designer's names Rafael Badilla, Garrett Higgins
Client Metro Transit
Photo Credits James Otteson
Completion Date June 6, 2022
Project Location Minneapolis, MN
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Entry Description

The SSL is a highly adaptable solar shelter lighting system, allowing it to fit on any type of shelter securely. It accomplishes this by utilizing a few innovative functions: an adjustable and light-weight extrusion mounting assembly that changes the solar panel's angle facing the sun for maximum efficiency as well as allowing it to rest on any roof style a shelter may have, a customizable "interaction plate" to assure the SSL's module provides consistent contact and pressure to the inside of the shelter regardless of obstacles, materials, or positioning, and finally, a braided cable tensioning system to secure the two parts together providing high strength while creating the least intrusive installation of any retrofitting shelter light. In addition, by moving away from traditional direct bolted connections, the shelter receives less damage to accommodate the SSL while lending itself to a wide range of shelter construction materials, even delicate materials.
The SSL is ideal in cities with public transportation that runs around the clock or parks trying to modernize their amenities. Equipped with LEDs, cameras, motion sensors, Bluetooth receivers, or even wifi, this solar system provides safety and security for the passengers waiting for the bus or park-goers that want to continue on after dark. Designed to be sleek with a modern aesthetic, the SSL is visibly unobtrusive.
Company Description

SELS is a solar design company based in the USA. Starting in 2014, we design and manufacture high-quality yet affordable solar lighting systems—from converting diesel-powered construction equipment to solar street lighting to smart solar benches.
SELS prides itself on sustainable, ethical, and accessible energy solutions. We specialize in generalizing; searching and learning to identify the energy-related pain points in society to develop solar-powered solutions for them. We make the world a better and more beautiful place for us and the billions of humans to live on earth in the future.