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SG9100 | Rotatable-Head Solar Garden/Pathway Light

Prize(s) Winners in Solar Lighting
Company Smart Era Lighting Systems
Lead Designers James Otteson
Other Designer's names Rafael Badilla, Garrett Higgins
Photo Credits James Otteson
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Entry Description

The SG9100 is a visually intriguing and innovative garden and pathway lighting system. This design showcases a rotatable head supporting an angled solar panel. The SG9100 breaks the connection between sun location and desired lighting angle, capable of being fixed in any direction at increments of 5 degrees without moving the focus of its projected light. In addition, this patent-pending rotation mechanism allows the bollard to utilize an angled solar panel, increasing its energy generation rate by up to 75%. The angled solar panel also prevents sediment and debris build-up, which reduces efficiency over time and requires regular cleaning.
The SG9100 also provides a variety of top-of-the-line features, including infrared motion sensing, intelligent battery power management systems, and fully weather-proof LED modules. Projecting 150 degrees of Dark-Sky compliant light, this intelligent bollard's LED lighting is available in any temperature or color.
Designed in the style our team likes to call "Muted Modern" we balanced classic solid design language with highly applicable aesthetics that allow the SG9100 to find its home in any city, campus, or corporate setting.
Company Description

SELS is a solar design company based in the USA. Starting in 2014, we design and manufacture high-quality yet affordable solar lighting systems—from converting diesel-powered construction equipment to solar street lighting to smart solar benches.
SELS prides itself on sustainable, ethical, and accessible energy solutions. We specialize in generalizing; searching and learning to identify the energy-related pain points in society to develop solar-powered solutions for them. We make the world a better and more beautiful place for us and the billions of humans to live on earth in the future.