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S. TOUCH Smart Device for Lighting

Prize(s) Winners in Lighting Control Systems
Company Stella Imp. e Exp. de LuminĂ¡rias LTDA
Lead Designers Lisandro Berlitz, Fernando Berlitz, Eduardo Fiori
Other Designer's names and Team
Client Stella Imp. e Exp. de LuminĂ¡rias LTDA
Completion Date November 30, 2022
Project Location Brazil
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Entry Description

The Dimmer + Switch S.TOUCH is a unique product in the market. The device has an exclusive design in flat and regular geometric shapes that integrate aesthetics with functionality. The non-modular construction allows an easy installation and a compact body shape compatible with 4X2 junction boxes. The Trailing-Edge dimming method is present in all S.TOUCH dimmers, which stands out from the ones available in the market, and is specially developed to work with dimmable LED lamps.
Aligned with the technological innovation, when connected to a Wi-Fi network through the S.TOUCH Application, the product can command Automation Scenes or be commanded through Automation Events, or be managed remotely. Compatible with Amazon and Google Smart Speakers, Dimmer + Switch also counts with a low-intensity orientation lighting, called Night Mode.
The Dimmer + Switch S.TOUCH is only one amount of an interline composed of dimmers, switches, and sockets. All of the S.TOUCH line shares the same visual identity and features.
Company Description

The creation of products and solutions is in our DNA. We are a lighting company based in Brazil and we are passionate about light, about design, about details. Each year, we create numerous new products, expanding application possibilities with original solutions and refined design. The quality of these products is our focus. We work with premium oriented products, but with competitive prices. Our search for quality and reliability is done through a strict internal and external quality control.