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LED Neon Strip - FleXCite Series – Dual-Bend NS-107/NS-130/NS-112

Prize(s) Winners in Neon Lighting
Company General Lighting Electronic Co., Ltd.
Lead Designers Wenguang Tang
Other Designer's names Jiuhuai Xie, Zhiliang He
Client General Lighting Electronic Co., Ltd.
Entry Description

FleXCite Series is a high-quality LED neon strip. The strip is light and slender as a whole. It is integrally formed with silicone. It has good softness and beauty, can be flexibly bent in any direction, which is ideal for decorating various buildings and installation scenarios, such as residential, hospitality, landscape and architectural, and even complex irregular marks and structures. It also supports on-field cutting and assembly at any length, to customized length with accurate length without gaps, achieving a precise and high-end lighting effect. The product adopts an advanced and environmental LED solid-state light source, costs little with efficient lighting, long warranty period and low maintenance cost. Its lifespan is up to 50,000 hours, which fulfills the lighting solutions of highly reliable and high quality. The brightness and the rhythm mode can also be adjusted at will via PWM signal, to be static white light, dynamic CCT-tunable, magic RGB/RGBW, or pixel controllable SPI/DMX. The uniform illumination without light spots meets the various light color requirements of scenes and brings an unparalleled visual feast. FleXCite Series adopts very soft food-grade silicone material, slim and light-weight, easy to transport, install and maintain. Because of the scalable, easy-to-bend functions and the ultra-long 10 meter feature, it can achieve various pattern designs.