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mobile lamp | donna

Prize(s) Winners in Portable Lamps
Company Interlight Iluminação
Lead Designers studio Interlight
Photo Credits Interlight Iluminação
Completion Date june, 2022
Project Location Brazil
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Entry Description

donna, woman in Italian, is a mobile lamp designed in homage to feminine elegance and freedom. characterized as a table lamp, free of positioning with battery integration offering cable-free of use, without dependence on electrical supply at the place of use. It uses sustainable materials in a composition, such as aluminum that is recycled, as well as the use of recyclable plastic materials, in addition to durable and recyclable electronic components.

technical characteristics
d.18 x h30cm
integrated LED
CRI >90
3-stage dimming
li-ion battery
up to 64 hours of autonomy
diffused lighting
indoor and outdoor use

Designed for you to take wherever you want. combines timeless design with advanced cable-free technology to carry light. with a splash-proof surface and up to 64 hours of autonomy in a diverse range of possible colors in its finish.

Offers tactile simplicity, with three stages of intensities making lighting intuitive, easy, and responsive.

excellent soft and adaptable light quality, combining lightness and visual comfort through the integrated and hidden light source to the user, emitting only for the plane below and with radial illumination(360º)