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Prize(s) Winners in Portable Lamps
Lead Designers Natalia Guzmán Cortés
Photo Credits Natalia Guzmán Cortés
Completion Date JULY 27 2022
Project Location MÉXICO
Entry Description


Eclipse is a phenomenon where the light coming from a celestial body is blocked by another eclipsing body.

Eclipse is a portable table lamp, the concept to develop it comes from the concepts of light and the blocking of it by another object, in this case the game of transparencies and to place one over the other gave the design to the lamp.

The materials that make up Eclipse are metal and glass.
The base is made of metal (aluminum) which is where the rechargeable battery is housed, the inner tube that is just above the base is also composed of the same material, because inside it carries the entire electrical system that reaches the top where the light element of the luminaire is located.

The outer tube and the top cover are made of glass of different shades in order to create transparencies and by placing one on top of the other a third color is created.

Eclipse is a dynamic lamp with many color variables, the top glass depending on the color you choose will determine the tone of light that will be generated in the atmosphere of the room.