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Prize(s) Winners in Linear Lighting Systems
Lead Designers Ricardo Fahl
Photo Credits Marcelo Khan
Completion Date 11/2021
Project Location São Paulo
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Entry Description

Ubá is a linear and modular system, with a clean and simple design, which suits the most varied environments, with lengths that can vary from 1130mm to 6000mm in a single piece, or even be combined in continuous lines. Its material is light and can be equipped with touchless activation systems in addition to the rotation of the modules to direct the light, which invite interaction with the user.
The inspiration comes from the vessel typically used by Amazonian Indians, which is built on a single trunk, carved and excavated until it reaches its shape. This format is ideal for the proposal of the lighting system, which provides a thin but resistant structure, and shelters the light source providing control of light distribution and protection against glare. In the construction of the canoe, after the process of excavating the trunk, it is turned upside down and under it a fire with little flame is lit. The original black color of the piece, with the finishes on the ends in copper, refer to this proccess.
The creation of a linear lighting system that escaped from the monolithic aesthetic standard with a diffuser on the face was the great motivator of the project. Combined with this, a simplified and robust construction system, with high luminous efficiency through LED modules and excellent glare control.