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Linea Acoustic Linear System

Prize(s) Winners in Linear Lighting Systems
Company Luxxbox Design Studio
Lead Designers Jason Bird
Completion Date February 2022
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Entry Description

The Linea collection is a slimline acoustic LED system featuring powerful noise absorption. The linear system's unique plug and play power connector allows for install of canopy and power before lighting fixtures. The fixture also includes a cassette-style driver that services factory programmable drivers post-installation.
The improvements made to the installation process is an industry gamechanger. The aesthetics of the install is streamlined with only one power feed needed per pendant run.
Designed to maximize acoustic surface areas for noise absorption it suits a variety of commercial spaces. Improved shielding options such as direct louvered, direct diffused, indirect lensed, it can be used independently or paired together to create a continuous acoustic illumination source across expansive environments up to 440". The dimmable LED is offered in a direct or indirect wash or as an unlit baffle.
Offered in 4 heights, multiple lengths, and more than 70 color selections, it has 4 finish options - flat, ribbed, textured, printed - in either biodegradable wool or PET felt. As a Declare-listed fixture, it has complete material transparency and is fully recyclable at the end of life.