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Diyo: Nepali aesthetic in a new light

Prize(s) Winners in Ambient Lighting
Company Illumine Lamps
Lead Designers Shreejan Shrestha
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Entry Description

Diyo aims to explore the potential of translating the vernacular traditional aesthetic of my home country Nepal into contemporary objects that promote cultural and emotional resonance, through the medium of light. Our distinct Nepali aesthetics have been passed down through generations by skilled artisans in the form of handicrafts and religious objects. But these skills and the artistic heritage they represent are dying out, as industrialization and mass production make these less viable. I have explored ways in which this traditional vernacular aesthetics can be reimagined through the lens of modernity and the international style sparked by the Bauhaus. My aim is to infuse modern aesthetic with the rich intricacies of Nepali aesthetics bringing Nepali design language into conversation with a global aesthetic. I have endeavored to remain true to our Nepali style while evolving it in ways attractive and appealing to a cosmopolitan and globally visual, emergent consumer class at home in Nepal but also across the world. Throughout the process, I have worked to combine the timeless lessons of our vernacular tradition with the aesthetic refinement and technical virtuosity of modernism.