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FOM Lumber Ceiling System

Prize(s) Winners in Ambient Lighting
Company Barbican Lighting
Lead Designers Andrew Cook
Photo Credits Barbican Lighting
Completion Date inspiration images - product just launched Aug 2022
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Entry Description

FOM Lumber Ceiling System is an evolution of the linear acoustic baffle and lighting concept. FOM Lumber baffles are acoustic PET fabric in dimensional lumber sizes with hyper-realistic simulated wood grain, including end grain. With a wood look and acoustic properties, the FOM Lumber baffles offer NRC ratings of 0.85 with biophilic design elements.
The real evolution though is the combination of the FOM Lumber baffles with the FOM Cube luminaire as an all-in-one ceiling system. The FOM Cube light fixtures run perpendicular to the baffles and are oriented a the top of the baffles creating three key and unique elements to this system:
1) Even illumination of the space below and ALL of the baffles - Running linear lights or cylinders between some baffles (as other designs do) creates hot spots and shadows and lowers perceived ceiling height. Our omni-directional illumination is completely even.
2) Simple installation - all baffles mount off the FOM Cube luminaires, simplifying install, number of suspensions, and HVAC/sprinkler coordination
3) Best visual comfort - our luminaires are at the top of the baffles, creating a louver effect to improve cut off.
Company Description

Barbican is a high quality, high design lighting manufacturer of both standard and custom fixtures.

Barbican's fixtures provide a clean innovative, and contemporary design adaptable to enhance today’s corporate, healthcare and hospitality environments.