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Zho Museum

Prize(s) Winners in Ambient Lighting
University Kookmin University
Lead Designers Wu Di
Other Designer's names An Qi
Client Zho Museum
Completion Date 202203
Project Location Suzhou?China
Entry Description

The Zho Museum of Fine Arts was born with the intention of sharing artworks and cultures from around the globe to everyone. Through the power of art, it brings inspiration, perspective, and another world, and the path to truth must be challenging. Thus, the inspiration for the space was born from André Gide's Narrow Gate, into which one enters, walks a long way, and sees a shimmering light. In the middle of the simple and pure white soft light facade is a narrow and narrow doorway, a hidden peeking entrance connects the inside and the outside for some hidden exploration, people's eyes are drawn in by curiosity, just like the mood of Peach Blossom Garden.
Mendian Café. is the special exhibition of the Zoo Museum, where the thinking of art continues: a cup of coffee in the café is a key. We want to use this key to unlock the attention to art in our daily life. In order to present this artistic atmosphere, a large chandelier with an eight-meter diameter circle was specially made, together with the long mirrored square steel below, filling the whole space with a golden light atmosphere and a sense of religious ritual.