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Prize(s) Winners in Interior Architectural Illumination / Light Art Project
University California College of The Arts
Lead Designers Owen Fernando Patia
Other Credits Studio Professors: Margaux Schindler & Margo Majewska
Completion Date 28 April 2022
Project Location Z-Space (450 Florida St, San Francisco, CA 94110).
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Entry Description

Interpreting performers’ movements as water flows inspired my theme, AQUA. Upon entering the theater space, audiences will be surrounded by delicate curves of water, represented in forms of wave-textured glass partition, where flexible electroluminescent panel tape will be embedded in each partition to create an engaging environment. Guided by the wave partitions, audiences will enter the first performance space, where they will be trapped in a clam cave. In this clam cave, they will climb up a ramp, guided by adjustable recessed LED lights, shining down like sunlight entering seawater. Plaster sculptures on the right are illuminated by fiber optic lights, scattered within the gaps on it. Performance will take place through a transparent glass on their left, on a separated backlit walkway. Exiting the clam cave, audiences will enter the last performance space surrounded by calm waterfall projections emitted from a flexible curved LED screen. Here, they are expected to feel relaxed after passing through two darker spaces. Performance will take place on a backlit center stage, where he will engage with a deconstructed pearl sculpture, lighted by a spotlight from the ceiling.