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Infinite Fold

Prize(s) Winners in Exterior Architectural Illumination / Theater Performance Design
University California College of The Arts
Lead Designers Soojee Choi
Interior Design Company California College of the Arts
Other Credits Studio2 Professor: Margaux Schindler, Lighting Design Professor: Margo Majewska
Completion Date 05/2022
Project Location San Francisco
Entry Description

“Infinite Fold” is a design proposal for the Alonzo King Lines Ballet “There Is No Standing Still” performed at the Z Space in San Francisco. Through a series of physical and digital study models of transformative body movements, I created a vessel for dance and light through a continuous performative folded loop surface.

I incorporated two different light settings: black and white for visitors’ arrival and saturated color of projection mapping for the performance. The stage sculpture is made of wood and washi paper. LED light tubes are embedded into the structure to illuminate the surface of the paper. When the performance starts, the architectural light is turned off and each stage is illuminated with projections.

The concept of the exterior facade is also based on studies of dancers’ movements. The organic, bronze sculptural elements are illuminated using edge-lit techniques. Recessed linear LED lights will illuminate the entrance ramp to create an illuminated path leading the visitors to the main entry. This technique reveals the linear geometry of the ramp’s structure to match the lighting design of the stage inside the theater.