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Evergrande island 1# into the island Bridge

Prize(s) Winners in Bridges and Public infrastructures Lighting
Company Shangzhu International Lighting Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Lead Designers Tie Fu Zhao
Other Designer's names Yandy,Fenglei,Cencen Wei,Shiyang Gan
Client Danzhou Xianglei Investment Co., Ltd.
Completion Date December 2019
Project Location Danzhou City, Hainan Province
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Entry Description

The overall lighting design is based on the streamline of "bud-blooming-blooming-interweaving", creating a romantic and ecological landscape flower bridge through lighting. The lighting design is carried out according to the characteristics of the project, and the bridge structure is creatively sorted out. With the design theme of "bright waves and flowers clustered together", the lighting expresses the unique natural artistic conception of the sea and the image characteristics of the sea flower bridge. Through the linear lighting, the visual sense of high and low is formed, which not only expresses the characteristics of the landscape, but also shows the linear beauty of the meandering flow. Each viewing platform is equipped with indirect lights, so that visitors can enjoy the comfort and nature of Haihua Island in the colorful tropical garden without being disturbed by glare on the sea where the petals are blooming slowly.
Company Description

TOP-DESIGNER INT'L. LIGHTING (SHENZHEN)CO;LTD. is a professional lighting design company specializing in urban lighting planning, landscape and architectural lighting, and high-end indoor space lighting. With the design qualification of "Special Class A for Lighting Engineering Design" issued by the state, the company and its team have won the "Excellent Lighting Design Award", "Design Elite Award", "Excellent Designer Award" and "Top Ten Outstanding Lighting Design Company Award" for many times. "And other awards.