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Pantera Mambo

Prize(s) Winners in Restaurant and Bar Lighting
Company Anoche
Lead Designers Jordi Ballesta
Other Designer's names Raquel Ordoñez
Interior Design Company Insayn Design Society
Client Pantera Mambo
Photo Credits Marc Nogue
Completion Date 2021
Project Location Barcelona
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Entry Description

“A cocktail bar made of unique experiences, emotions, simplicity and, above all, madness”.

These are some of the inputs that Célia and Michelle gave us when we started collaborating to bring light to Pantera Mambo. The truth is that they were very clear that light would be the main axis of the project, so the design decisions were directly related to how light would behave in the space.

Taking into account that the name refers to the salsa song, Pantera Mambo, it was clear to us that light would be the transforming element of the space to invite to dance, to play and to have fun. At the moment “Pantera Mambo” played, a wave of light would flood the space in colour.

The choice of materials as well as the delicate study of the most technical part of the lighting, make possible to create an atmosphere of dynamism and madness. The use of reflections, contrasts and transparencies, lead the user to live a different and unique experience.
Company Description

Anoche is a lighting design studio aimed to enhance architectural projects through light consultancy services from both, An aesthetical and a technical perspective.

Light is the intangible material that helps to enhance the potential of the project both indoors and outdoors. Through lighting design, we help to create atmospheres that highlight and provide a differential value to architectural, urban and artistic projects.

By doing so, we tell stories, draw guidelines, awaken emotions. We design conversations between natural and artificial light.