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67 Pall Mall Singapore

Prize(s) Winners in Restaurant and Bar Lighting
Company Klaasen Lighting Design
Lead Designers Martin Klaasen, Cheryline Chua
Interior Design Company Rockett Studio Pte Ltd
Client Grant Ashton
Photo Credits Daniel Koh
Completion Date 14/02/2022
Project Location Singapore
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Entry Description

67 Pall Mall Singapore interior design was a recreation of the ambience of the renowned London original club, within the penthouse of the Shaw Building in Singapore with floor to ceiling windows and a balcony that runs around the entire building. A main bar and lounge area is accompanied by flexible meeting and dining rooms, with a spirits bar on the second floor. The design is a throwback to the 1920's Shanghai art deco style with a touch of British aristocracy.

The lighting design required a meticulously level of detail to integrate the lighting within the architecture and interior design, in order to emphasize the design concept and enhance the beauty and features of the overall design. The lighting was designed to create a relaxed environment ensuring easy visual orientation and comfort while providing the right amount of ambience and mood. Special consideration was given to a 6m-tall wine tower display and how the feature could be illuminated without altering the temperature and humidity within the tower. The central coffered ceiling in the main bar and dining area is also enhanced with indirect cove lighting softly lighting the ceiling, adding to the ambience of the space.
Company Description

After more than 30 years in the lighting industry Martin Klaasen decided to become the centre of inspiration for his company by creating Klaasen Lighting Design. Having built and formed his career with Philips Lighting in Europe and later with Lumino Design and Lighting Images in Asia, both companies he built up to become successful practices, KLD is the culmination of all his experiences in the creative field of professional lighting design. With a clear and balanced vision on lighting and all the necessary project expertise, KLD is equipped to handle any type of lighting application