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Prize(s) Winners in Restaurant and Bar Lighting
Company WEGO Lighting Design
Lead Designers Besson Tao
Other Designer's names Paul Xiao; Zhi peng Li
Architecture Company Starbucks China
Interior Design Company Starbucks China
Client Starbucks China
Photo Credits Starbucks China; WEGO Lighting Design
Completion Date 2021-01
Project Location F1, Mixc, No. 8, Shuangqing Road, Chenghua District, Chengdu, China
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Entry Description

This is an interesting café & bar project consisting of two floors – the first floor mainly offers coffee drinks, complemented by other goods; the second floor is a bar. This is also a disruptive lighting project with its most distinctive feature being a space of wood-grain lattices of different sizes from walls to the ceiling. The challenge of the design is how to organically integrate the multi-functional lighting with wood-grain lattice in a more innovative fashion, and how to disrupt the stereotyped visual impression created by the conventional formalized lighting techniques. The design aims to create an interesting and pleasant lighting atmosphere. With respect to the bar space on the 2nd floor, we expect to draw customers’ visual attention to the island counter in the center. The challenge is how to integrate the installation of the lights that illuminate upwards the wine bottles and those that illuminate downwards the counter into a very compact frame of the suspended wine rack. With our design, we successfully transformed the wine rack into the highlighted spot of the space. In addition, to create the best visual experience.
Company Description

WEGO is a stick to originality of the spirit of lighting design company, focus on harmony with the environment research, services in business, real estate, office, culture, public, and other areas of the project, based on the requirement of the project nature research design basis points, and by the predictive design thought and the innovative design method, to provide customers with the most valuable significance of lighting solution.