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Prize(s) Winners in Restaurant and Bar Lighting
Company Electrolight
Lead Designers Donn Salisbury
Architecture Company Brad Ward Design
Interior Design Company Patricia Barbis
Client Adam Elchakak and Kazan Dining
Photo Credits Rohan Venn
Completion Date June 2022
Project Location Sydney, Australia
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Entry Description

Kazan is a new fine-dining Japanese restaurant located within MLC Centre, sydney. Serving a mixture of traditional & modern cuisine, master chefs prepare the dishes in plain sight.

Delicacy in the menu doesn’t preclude drama in the venue.The open kitchen mimics a Noh theatre stage. It’s partly out of necessity – the interior designer had to work around the heritage-listed Harry Seidler base design. The raised kitchen is topped by a burnt timber canopy, housing near invisible glare-free downlights providing focused light to the chef’s workbench below. 4x custom crackle-glass lanterns sit at the front of the kitchen bench, reminiscent of vintage stage foot-lighting – adding weight to the kitchen theatrics.

Extending above the main dining hall sits a geometric kumiko-inspired soffit,nestled between the expressed Seidler ‘star’ structure.A custom designed LED panel-light system provides a homogenous glow behind the CNC cut panelling & a jig-saw arrangement of acrylic diffusion sheeting (to avoid visible joints), creating a theatrical but ambient layer of light.This layer provides a powerful statement on the base architecture, with a depth & luminosity that varies throughout the day