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Harrods Chocolate Hall

Prize(s) Winners in Restaurant and Bar Lighting
Company Lighting Design International
Lead Designers Graham Rollins
Other Designer's names Christian Haimes
Architecture Company Woods Hardwick
Interior Design Company David Collins Studio
Client Harrods
Photo Credits Andrew Beasley
Other Credits M&E Dowling Blunt
Completion Date May 2021
Project Location London, UK
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Entry Description

The fourth and final Edwardian food hall project had many unique challenges inspiring bespoke integrated solutions, to ensure high levels of product focussed illumination in balance with sympathetic architectural lighting to showcase the halls unique character and architecture. Lighting details are all uniquely tailored to products or features, ensuring the lighting is complementary to exposed chocolate, as well as varied packaging, historic plaster mouldings, architectural finishes, decorative tiling and guests complexions. High colour rendering 2700K was key for an inviting hospitality feel to architecture and when expressing the rich tones of the varied chocolates on sale or in production. Shelving was designed to a minimum brief of 2000lm on product, and perimeter shelving had to achieve this without additional illumination from the historic ceiling, while ensuring products could be stacked to the front of shelves and protected from heat generated by lighting.