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Wabi-Sabi Restaurant

Prize(s) Winners in Restaurant and Bar Lighting
Company Erreluce Lighting Consultant
Lead Designers Ryan Salim
Other Designer's names DSN Intervention (Interior), Mitha Audina
Interior Design Company DSN Intervention
Client MDA Restaurants
Photo Credits FotoPerspektif
Other Credits Gita Laras, Heigronn, Andri
Completion Date January 2022
Project Location MD Place Building, South Jakarta, Indonesia
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Entry Description

WABI-SABI, as the name suggests, is a curation of ideas where we want to showcase imperfection, age, and natural textures as the main underlying concept in hands with warm lighting to wrap the ambiance together. The intention is for the guests to feel like they are entering an otherworldly zen garden. Playing with people’s perceptions is part of our design goals. An upside-down zen garden is highlighted to enhance the feeling and bamboo stamped concrete is thoughtfully placed to create the atmosphere of a peaceful bamboo forest together with indirect illumination to pop up the planetary. A wine cellar that was placed on top of a custom glowing acrylic rod that made every bottle special and highlighted. A mysterious forest has also been given by creating the layer combinations of frosted glass, black background, and indirect illumination. With the support of the lighting system, the warmness 2700K illumination intensity will change followed by the phase of time scene for a smooth dining experience.
Company Description

ERRELUCE is committed to the idea of collaboration throughout the entirety of the design process. We place the highest possible emphasis upon input from all parties, from client to the architect or interior designer, our work is driven with a strong emphasis on research and analysis. We believe that by understanding the basic concept of the spaces, materials, and objects, we can create lighting solutions that give way to new forms of expression and interaction that are the balance between emotion and quality in architecture + interior.