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Prize(s) Winners in Hotel Lighting
Company Illumination of City Environment
Lead Designers Masanobu Takeishi , Yukio Hashimoto
Interior Design Company hashimoto yukio design studio inc.
Client M&H Nagasaki Hotel LLC
Photo Credits Nacása & Partners Inc.
Completion Date November 2021
Project Location Nagasaki, Japan
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Entry Description

It is a hotel with 200 rooms newly built in front of Nagasaki Station for leisure, tourism and business use.
In period of isolationist foreign policy,Nagasaki was the only place open to the outside world and exchange among many people and culture to took place.
Considering such mixture of a wide variety of things as the attractiveness unique to a trading center, an approach was taken to express such attractiveness with the concept of “Wonder NAGASAKI.” Specifically, themes extracting the characteristics of Nagasaki, namely “PORCELAIN,” “KARAKAMI (Chinese paper),” “SHIP & SEA,” “KITE,” and “HASAMIYAKI (ceramics),” are set for each area. While expressing these characteristics, a lighting plan was also required to create a comfortable visual environment such as considering necessary brightness and reducing uncomfortable glare, as well as to realize high energy efficiency by entirely using LED.
Because the architecture incorporated daylighting for almost all common areas, the light control system that can set scenes according to the time of day to offer lighting environments that express the different attractiveness of day and night, while also reducing power consumption at night.