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Ace Hotel

Prize(s) Winners in Hotel Lighting
Company Electrolight
Lead Designers Donn Salisbury and Pete Bone
Architecture Company Bates Smart Architects
Interior Design Company Flack Studio
Client Atelier Ace
Photo Credits Rohan Venn
Completion Date May 2022
Project Location Sydney, Australia
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Entry Description

Ace Hotel Sydney is the first of this bold brand in Australia. The interior design vision was for a character that speaks to the diversity of Surry Hills,with a personality that feels matured & authentic,like it has been established for many years.

The lighting design was developed alongside the ID in order to enhance the urban city character & instill a sense of warmth & homeliness.The interior finishes exhibit an eclectic mixture of materials applied to a base volume that was kept raw & honest. Concrete soffits & brick columns seamlessly stitched together to appear as the original structure.Our design approach involved both a series of lighting layers & a suite of vintage & bespoke luminaires that captures the desired ‘vibe’ of this new brand of hotel.

The initial lighting layer was one of background ambience, with parts that are deliberate & obvious combined with parts that are integrated & concealed.

The second brings together a number of technical & feature light elements that nestle amongst the interiors.The third layer introduces a selection of vintage feature lights with a collection of custom-designed pieces that combine to create a common language of intimacy & warmth