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A Fine Combination of Industrial Design Style and Iconic Asian

Prize(s) Winners in Hotel Lighting
Company Tinokwan Lighting Consultants (Beijing) Ltd.
Lead Designers Zhu Haiyan
Other Designer's names Yuan Wei.Hao Wenhao.Zhang Jingchun.Wang Wenbo.Wang Man.Fu Chaoqun.Song Xin
Interior Design Company LISSONI&PARTNERS
Client Shougang Holdings Co., Ltd.
Photo Credits TinoKwan Lighting Consultants (Beijing) Ltd.
Completion Date 12/2021
Project Location Beijing
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Entry Description

Shangri-La Hotel is located at the core of Shougang Park. The original site was a power generation plant that provided energy for steel production. It has 283 guest rooms. The design of Shangri-La Hotel has always been world-famous for its fresh garden scenery and lobby features full of Asian cultural atmosphere. In addition to adhering to this design style, the Shangri-La Hotel in Shougang Park also retains its own original architecture - Features of the factory.

The lighting of the entire hotel's indoor and outdoor spaces uses LED light sources, and the lighting scene changes with time. The designer uses warm color temperature lighting to create a comfortable light environment for the hotel space.