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Ruralation Museum Hotel

Prize(s) Winners in Hotel Lighting
Company TORYO International Lighting Design Center
Lead Designers Dongliang Xu
Other Designer's names Nailiang Shi, Guoqiang Zhang, Zichen Tao, Jingjing Zheng, Ye Yuan, Li Yuan
Architecture Company AZL Architects, Nanjing
Interior Design Company AZL Architects, Nanjing
Client Nanjing Tangshan Construction Investment Development Co.Ltd.
Photo Credits Hongyi Lou
Completion Date 2020
Project Location Nanjing, Jiang Su Province, China
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Entry Description

Ruralation Museum Hotel stands in the Nanjing Tangshan Homo Erectus Relics Park. The location where it was built was originally an abandoned quarry pit with a special base landform. With the stones, exposed mountain rocks, and volcanic ash-like white cement distributed in the quarry pit, the tonality of these bases becomes the source of building tones, providing a basis for the origin of our lighting design.
The lighting concept for the night views of the hotel is to use a minimal amount of light. Among the dense mountainous views and hazy moonlight, light from the hotel rooms shines towards the outside and into a courtyard lined with olive trees, creating a warm and natural atmosphere.
The lighting arrangement is just like an exercise in light sketching. Life needs light, as romance needs moonlight. Sunglow and fog spread all over the space at both sunset and sunrise, and the sunlight surrounds you in the daytime. It feels as if you are living leisurely in a realm of light on every cloudy night. Your leisurely stays on such cloudy nights are sure to be romantic experiences.
Company Description

Founded in 2005 and based in Beijing, TORYO International Lighting Design Center (Lighting Design Integrated Qualification Class-A) is a professional design firm specializing in urban lighting planning and architectural lighting design. Led by Chief Designer Xu Dongliang, a passionate explorer of the lighting environment, TORYO has assembled a team of talented lighting designers across the country, accomplished many outstanding lighting projects, and obtained recognition both domestically and globally.