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The Lantern Art Space

Prize(s) Winners in Agricultural Lighting
Company Guangzhou Goden Lighting Design Co., Ltd.
Lead Designers Yue Wang
Architecture Company Adarc International Studio Limited
Interior Design Company Adarc International Studio Limited
Client The Lantern Art Space
Completion Date Dec 2021
Project Location Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China
Entry Description
This is a comprehensive art space transformed from old buildings, located in Fengjian water town of ShunDe with thousands years humanistic history. The owner is a young and promising entrepreneur who deeply loves the local history and culture . He would like to create a comprehensive art space and integrate the art and culture of architecture, landscape, inner space, diet, painting, porcelain and so on, so that the history and culture can be protected, displayed, experienced and carried forward in Fengjian.

Lighting designer fully studies and understands the original intent and humanistic background of this project. Base on the characteristics of architecture, lighting design combine the internal transmission lighting, and custom luminous brick to reshape the light and shade relationship of facade so that the building presents a richer texture at nighttime. With control system luminous brick presenting dynamic effect, which makes a image of drops ripples, have people think of the ancient water town and causes emotional resonance.
The total load of building and landscape lighting system is 7941 watts, and each fitting is only 2-3 watt, which meet environmental protection needs.

Company Description
Founded in 2011, GODEN international lighting design is an independent lighting design firm led by lighting designers. Our design team includes lighting designers who are dedicated to light environment research and have rich experience, rigorous and dedicated engineers, sensitive and exquisite effect designer, and efficient and high-quality project managers. More than 300 projects have been completed, covering public buildings, municipal planning, ancient cultural buildings / museums, commercial complexes, hotels / mansions, offices / residences, commercial stores and and other fields.