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Tobacco Factory and Smoked Memories

Prize(s) Winners in Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition
Company Oudelight Inc.
Lead Designers Yi-Chang Chen
Other Designer's names Hao-Wei Lin
Architecture Company Yu-Teng Architecture Firm, B+P Architects
Interior Design Company Art Happening Ltd.
Client Pingtung County Government
Photo Credits Shashin Yang
Completion Date February 25th, 2022
Project Location Pingtung County, Taiwan
Entry Description

Begun with the light from the gable.
The first time we met this abandoned Tobacco Factory, it was a scorching afternoon. Standing on the catwalk platform in front of the wave-board gable, when the sunlight poured into the room through the gable, the stunning image making us start to think about what kind of "light" could bring it back to the golden period full of memory of tobacco.
The Pingtung Government plans to transform this abandoned factory into a Tobacco Leaf Museum with a permanent exhibition "Tobacco, Leaf, and Factory - The Golden Memories of the Smoke." The lighting concept of the exhibition is built on how to enhance the visitor's experience through light, using light to guide the viewer's sight to the key visual elements through the display line. Whether it is the huge model of tobacco leaves, the projection mapping on the machinery, or the factory machinery itself on display, "light" is always looking for a way to create a visual sequence between the foreground and background; at the same time, the design is also thinking about how to make “light" set back to the second line and become the best assistant, using "senseless" light to create a "sensory" environment. Through the shading design of lighting fixtures and the control of the light beam, the glare in the exhibition is reduced significantly, and the audience is naturally immersed in the exhibition venue.