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Golden yarn and silken painting - velvets and embroideries between Gothic and Renaissance

Prize(s) Winners in Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition
Company Marco Miglioli
Lead Designers Marco Miglioli
Architecture Company Luca Rolla e Alberto Bertini
Client Castello di Buonconsiglio and Autonomous Province of Trento
Photo Credits Andrea Ceriani
Other Credits researchers: Laura Dal PrĂ , Marina Carmignani, Paolo Peri
Completion Date 2019 July - November (first original exhibition)
Project Location Buonconsiglio Castle Museum - Trento (TN ) - Italy
Entry Description

The lighting project for this exhibition has been designed to reveal, through a delicate play between light and shadows, the weft and the colours of the shown textile and painted artworks.

Along the way of the exhibition, works of different nature were exhibited at the same time and some of which have been classified as highly sensitive to radiations of the light spectrum; for this reason the lighting of each artwork required special precautions and precise levels of brightness while maintaining a constant balance and atmosphere between the several rooms.
The chasuble shown along the catwalks, like dresses in a fashion show, are lighted by a grazing light on the fabrics so that textures and properties of the spun materials stand out. In order to achieve a perfect uniformity of illumination on textile surfaces, a double lighting system (from below and above) has been used combined with a reflective film.
The exhibition paths, on the other hand, are lighted thanks to the contribution of the reflected light by the frescoed vaults. The light here is adjusted to balance the illuminance values between background and artworks as well as to brighten frescoes and friezes of the rooms.