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The Yoga Pavilion in Vasaparken

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting
Company Tyréns
Lead Designers Nora Högberg
Other Designer's names Yousef Tavakoli
Architecture Company Nyréns
Photo Credits Thomas Zaar
Other Credits Trafikkontoret - City of Stockholm
Completion Date May 2021
Project Location Vasaparken, Stockholm
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Entry Description

On a cliff edge in a secluded location of the Vasa Park in Stockholm, one will find the Yoga Pavilion, which was built based on a citizen proposal applied to the City of Stockholm. The pavilion offers a peaceful place where one can practice calmer forms of exercise and activities, such as yoga and meditation.
The Yoga Pavilion has a simple and robust frame with carpentry and material selection that contribute to achieving a high quality and low climate impact. The construction is mainly made out of wood from Swedish core pine. Tyréns' lighting designers have together with Nyréns designed and developed the concept for the lighting design for the pavilion known as the Yoga Pavilion.
Thanks to a simple but sophisticated concept, and a well-integrated lighting design, the architecture is highlighted in a pleasant way and helps emphasizing the warm tone and feel of the wooden material of the pavilion. Integrated upwards aiming linear luminaires that are hidden behind the wooden beams contribute with a calm and soft lighting to the ceiling. This combined with downwards aiming linear luminaires that also are hidden highlight the pavilion’s warm and calm mood, creating a safe haven in accordance with the initial citizen proposal.