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Deva Dhare Resort

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting
Company Lighting Spaces, Bangalore
Lead Designers Anusha Muthusubramanian
Other Designer's names Landscape Designer: Nivedita Manjunath, Satish Babu, Architect: Play Architecture
Architecture Company Play Architecture, Bangalore
Client Sentinel Adventures
Photo Credits Design Capture - Gowtham Raj
Other Credits GOJIS Lifestyle, Chennai
Completion Date Feb 1 2022
Project Location Agani, Sakleshpur, Karnataka, India
Entry Description

Deva Dhare is a resort, situated within thick forest, has a beautiful lake, streams and water fall. Exotic flora, fauna and rare species of birds creates a wilderness ecosystem that requires sensitive approach to lighting preserving the ambience. Lighting technique emulates natural light filtering through woods forming intricate foliage patterns. Lighting detailing was designed with natural materials available locally for the composition to visually blend with context by hiding light sources. Moonlighting technique with adjustable fixtures mounted on bamboo poles to camouflage within woods and terrain naturally is higher for the light filtering to form powerful shadow patterns. These shadow patterns also turn kinetic as the wind gently sweeps through. Lanterns next to seaters are made of toddy stem where the inside was carved out, naturally dried and cutout patterns were made for the lighting. Pathway markers are hidden inside laterite stone and light patterns paint the terrain. Restaurant is a timbrel vault, grazed with an uplight to model the form gracefully as a vista point anchor. The underside of restaurant has seating area has cozy light quality with peripheral lighting.
Company Description

Anusha has a strong educational background with an undergraduate degree in Architecture and a master’s degree in Architectural lighting design. She has worked for Integrated lighting design for over 9 years as a senior lighting designer and has started her own studio Lighting Spaces since 2015. Lighting Spaces works on projects with interesting design challenges and it comprises Hospitality, residential, commercial, heritage, and retail spaces.