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Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting
Company c-stars light environment design (Beijing) Co., Ltd
Lead Designers Shanshan Meng
Client Luotian Dabieshan Hot Spring Tourism Co., Ltd
Completion Date 2021
Project Location Wuhan, China
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Entry Description

"Thousands of miles of Dabie Mountain, beautiful scenery in Luotian".
Sanlifan·Lancheng Peach Blossom Garden is located at the west of Luotian, surrounded by mountains and rivers, with a picturesque landscape. It is a resort town famous for its hot spring, farming, and health.   The Jiangnan style town has an oriental charm and aims to the return of the rural life of Chinese classicism. It is the milestone project in the upgrading of Chinese towns. 

The lighting is rooted in the design concept of "traditional and modern", with the design theme of "landscape painting, poetic dwelling", and adopts the method of moving and changing scenery in Jiangnan garden landscaping to continuously switch the scenes derived from people's action and perception.  Through the techniques of "borrowing scenery", "framed scenery" and "opposite scenery", the pavilions, the white walls, the black tiles, the flowers, the grass, the trees, and the lights are ingeniously integrated.  Between the virtual and the real, there is both the momentum of the landscape and the exquisiteness of the picture scroll. It is a painting viewing from a distance and a poetry living nearby
Company Description

Founded in 2008, Chuangxing bank has set up offices in Beijing, Suzhou and Zhengzhou, with a team of nearly 30 people, including 12 first-class registered lighting designers, nearly 500 design work cases, more than 60 cooperative customers, covering 70 cities in China, cooperating with more than 30 well-known architectural firms at home and abroad, and winning more than 50 works.

Chuangxing focuses on the design and exploration of light environment and pursues the perfect integration of artistic creation and technology. It is a typical practitioner of the value of target achievements.