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Banta cafe

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting
Company Illumination of City Environment
Lead Designers Masanobu Takeishi(ICE Inc), Rie Azuma(AZUMA ARCHITECT & ASSOCIATES), Hiroki Hasegawa(Studio on site)
Client Hoshino Resorts Inc.
Photo Credits Photo No.1-8 ,10 Nacása & Partners Inc. / Photo No.9,11 Yoshida photo studio.
Completion Date July 2020
Project Location Okinawa, Japan
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Entry Description

It is a restaurant/café located on the western coast of Okinawa, where you can enjoy a gorgeous sunset from the table in and out of the building.

The architecture plan featured a deck with a large roof facing the ocean to cut out the beautiful scenery from dusk to twilight. Because the place is on a cliff by the ocean under a harsh environment, with fierce wind blowing over 70m/sec when hit by a typhoon in addition to salt damage, the plan was required to finish the eaves with exposed concrete and with no lighting facilities affixed to it. Thus, upward indirect lighting was planned on top of the maintainable wall under the large roof, which is at the back side of guests when facing the ocean. The program was planned using full-color LEDs to gently change colors in response to the evening view changing from moment to moment.

The gazebo buried inside a coastal vegetation zone along the cliff is a place of darkness to enjoy the seaside moonlight and night sky, the plan was made with minimum lighting. For the gazebo located on a rather wild, rocky place, rocks and vegetation are lit up to make the place brighter than other areas to give a feeling of assurance.