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1895 Memorial Park

Prize(s) Winners in Landscape Lighting
Company Lighting Design Co.,Ltd.
Lead Designers Ping Yi Liu , Wen Ying Chu
Architecture Company CHW Architect
Client Taoyuan Department of Public Work
Photo Credits Yu Chen Chao
Other Credits Landscape company : dA VISION DESIGN
Completion Date November 2021
Project Location Taoyuan, Taiwan
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Entry Description

The 1895 Memorial Park covers an area of about 3.5 hectares, including the ring of Yiwei,the Memorial wall,the mirror pool and 2 parks. The Ring of Yiwei is a circular bridge design without columns, connecting 2 parks on both sides of the road.

On the basis of visual safety at night, using high-pole lamps, garden lamps and seat lighting create the atmosphere of theater lighting. The lighting caresses the bamboos, strengthening the memory of the topographical elements in its history, and bringing more visual layers to the park at night.

The prelude to the lighting design of the Ring of Yuwei is the brave blue lighting. The lighting design concept of the gradient blue lighting under the bridge is from the blue dyeing in Taiwan's Hakka culture, which is a metaphor for the living culture of the Hakka group gradually printed on this land. And the lighting of glass handrail above the bridge with 3000K color temperature forms beautiful circle. The lighting of the Ring of Yiwei symbolizes the fusion of different ethnic groups over a long period of time. Also lighting brings out the tranquility of the mirror pool and the spatial tension of the architectural concrete memorial wall.