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Hong Kong Harbour Fiesta

Prize(s) Winners in Light Art Project
Company Artists in Motion
Lead Designers Richard Lindsay (Artists in Motion) + Adam Bassett (Woodroffe Bassett Design)
Other Designer's names Simon Fraser (Head of Lighting)
Client Hong Kong Tourism Board
Photo Credits Artists in Motion
Other Credits Woodroffe Bassett Design
Completion Date 31 July 2022
Project Location Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong
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Entry Description

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR, an extraordinary multimedia show ‘Hong Kong Harbour Fiesta’ took centre stage every evening in July, with a brand new combination of synchronised, layered light effects criss-crossing the harbour.

With a myriad of dancing lights, celebratory content on LED screens and dazzling light decorations on the body of the Star Ferry, together with the spectacular lights of ‘A Symphony of Lights’, the new innovative form of harbour dance showcased the vibrancy of the harbour and the architectural spectacle of Hong Kong’s skyline.

There were more than 50 buildings and landmarks along Victoria Harbour participated in the Fiesta with the rooftop beam lights and celebratory messages on LED screens/walls on various buildings as well as the wash light on the walls of the Central Government Offices and Legislative Council Complex to stage a multimedia light show with the theme “A New Era – Stability • Prosperity • Opportunity”.
Company Description

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) is a government-subvented body tasked to market and promote Hong Kong as a travel destination worldwide and to enhance visitors' experience once they arrive.