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Arctic Melting

Prize(s) Winners in Light Art Project
Company For Sight Group
Lead Designers Shaokun Chen, Kaixuan Fu
Other Designer's names Biao Yang (HITSZ)
Architecture Company For Sight Group
Client Shenzhen Lighting Environment Management Centre
Photo Credits For Sight Group
Completion Date 20211218
Project Location Shenzhen, China
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Entry Description

The global warming is an inevitable negative impact on the process of urbanization, leading to environment change. "Arctic Melting" symbolizes the Arctic scene through the sound & light simulation of ice, snow, aurora, wind and water. Express the thinking of the relationship between human and nature through the interaction between audiences and artwork.

The artwork covers 100 sqm. Steel cables and brackets allow the entire device to "float" in the grassland, expressing the ethereal arctic environment. The outer ring uses colorful light strips to simulate aurora. The light cube is wrapped in an ice-like material. By multilayer optical structures, the image is blurred, restoring the visual effect of the Arctic ice-covered everything.

-Turn on the artwork, the "Aurora" appears, the light cube presents a freezing white effect with cold wind sound.
- Audiences appear, the sound of the slow water dripping appears, the light cube shows a slow dynamic change from cool white to light blue (the Arctic glaciers began to melt)
- viewers get closer, the dripping drops and dynamic color speed up.

This interaction is the epitome of the mutual influence of human and the ecological environment.