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Palm Beach Blooms

Prize(s) Winners in Light Art Project
Company Eos Lightmedia
Lead Designers Beau Cooper
Other Designer's names Scott Hendrickson
Client Dan Shaughnessy, DSIV Studios
Other Credits Dan Shaughnessy
Completion Date October 2021
Project Location Palm Beach
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Entry Description

‘Blooms’ at Palm Beach is made up of 6 internally lit dandelion-like sculptures over 15’ tall. These metallic flowers are formed with 100% marine grade stainless steel and integrated luminaires meant to withstand hurricane conditions. The blossoms of the immense flora are mostly transparent, creating whimsy and contrast to the immense weight of the art form and amount of steel used in their construction. The Artist and Lighting Design team collaborated on how the lighting would emanate from the center of the bloom out to its hundreds of cylindrical florets and scatter along the pedestrian causeway. To accommodate the see-through nature of the artwork, a major effort to conceal the fixture from view was undertaken. Renderings and 3D studies were produced to develop the perfect mounting position, cable pathing, and custom reflector design to maximize the impact of the lighting within the artwork while avoiding glare or visual interruptions at the centrepiece of the sculpture. Motion sensors were included, creating a layer of interactivity between the sculptures and the pedestrians passing by. When motion is detected, a lighting effect is produced as if the bloom is caught in a breeze
Company Description

Eos Lightmedia is a specialty design-integration firm that pushes the boundaries with light and technology to transform the built environment. Our award-winning team uses the latest speciality lighting, audiovisual, sensing and controls technology to create lasting experiences that inspire.

With our head office located in Vancouver, Canada, we are a team made up of expert lighting and audiovisual designers, software developers, project managers, a quotations team, and commissioning & programming agents and site supervisors based throughout North America.