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Project K

Prize(s) Winners in Light Art Project
Company DANILOF light + perception
Lead Designers Athanassios / Thanos Danilof
Architecture Company Nelly Sfakianaki Architects
Client Private
Photo Credits Giorgos Sfakianakis Photography
Other Credits Construction: Elemka
Completion Date 2022
Project Location Athens, Greece
Entry Description

This permanent lighting installation is designed and built for a private space in the center of Athens, Greece. It is strongly influenced by the light and space movement and by the color field painting style of the 1950s.

Irregular and “painterly” rectangular regions of color are depicted with light on the luminous ceiling of the residence’s perimeter hallway. Very subtle variations create a unique visual experience inviting both residents and guests to a exploration of lightness, colour, shape and space.

The luminous environment is most of the time very dark in order to bring out the subtleties of the installation. The experience is created with very low light levels and therefore low power consumption.

This piece is a vital part of a unique residential lighting design project with a very characteristic architectural brief: “ In this highly urban landscape, window views are unengaging– actually, it’s better to avoid them altogether, as they visually collide with nearby buildings. In the absence of external stimuli, both views and experience must be invented in the interior.”

When the installation is not on, the hallway has a very subtle tunable white luminous ceiling.

Materials: Recyclable PVC stretched ceiling, aluminium profiles, RGBW led strips, dim to dark – flicker free DMX drivers, DMX lighting controller.

Installation layout: please see attached pdf.