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Tender Soul of Ocean

Prize(s) Winners in Light Art Project
Company WHYIXD
Lead Designers WHYIXD
Client Keelung City Government of Taiwan
Photo Credits Yuchen Chao Photography
Other Credits Film Production: Lane 216, East
Completion Date June 10, 2022
Project Location Keelung City
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Entry Description

“Tender Soul of Ocean” is an exploration of the “distance between people and the sea”, translating the maritime culture of its installation site: Keelung. The art installation uses light to recreate the collected wind data near the local harbor and waters: the awe-inspiring water in the distance melts in the wind and shimmering waves of light.

Audiences can immerse themselves in the waves of “light”. With a special medium, Soft Filament LED, the light beams to all angles, allowing its viewer to dive into the light tide as if they were part of the waves. The light and shades, visualizing the state of air in subtle changes, will adjust according to the wind strength in real-time. The connection between wind, ocean, and light evokes a hidden memory of intimacy between the viewers and the sea. The art brought people closers to the dark blue mystery in a new light, revealing its profound, lively soul.
Company Description

WHYIXD, a rare cross-disciplinary art installation design team in Taiwan, was founded by Fancy Yeh, Zih-Jing Wei and Jay Chuang in 2011. The team has grown from the initial three members to a cross-disciplinary team of 12 people with diverse backgrounds in art, architecture, visual design, information engineering, electromechanical, and others. They focus on different kinds of surprise and explore more imagination in daily life. Displace the time and space, copy the natural scenery, capture the moments of mind, create unseen experience, build “digital landscape”. Through continuous experiments