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Stomping Ground

Prize(s) Winners in Daylighting / Restaurant and Bar Lighting
Company ambience
Lead Designers David Justice, Karan Sobti
Other Designer's names David Buchanan
Architecture Company Place Form Space
Interior Design Company Studio Y
Client Stomping Ground
Photo Credits Derek Swalwell
Other Credits Yaron Kanor
Completion Date July 2021
Project Location Melbourne, Australia
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Entry Description

An exceptional case study in resourcefulness and the circular economy, the project used lighting to revitalise an old cigarette factory. A bold idea with creative & technical excellence was paramount. The fantastical idea of having a beer in an eternal sunset or ‘golden hour’ was born.
Our approach utilised and maximised the natural light of the factory. We tailored and engineered all fittings with optimised filters that replicated the natural colours & tones of a sunset – a massive but ultimately rewarding undertaking. In a commitment to sustainability & the concept, the team also took the extraordinary step of repurposing & refurbishing abandoned fixtures from the original factory.
The tricky part was decommissioning and then refitting them to be constant with the golden hour theme. A time consuming and physically exhausting process. The budget wouldn’t allow us to use cutting-edge technology, so we had to look at theatre and photography techniques. We did a lot of naked eye testing to ensure the natural and artificial light fall on the skin consistently across the space. This was a unique project. We were experimenters and craftspeople - using our head, hands and hearts.