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The Union Church

Prize(s) Winners in Stage Lighting
Company Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd
Lead Designers Yang Xiu, Ma Yue, Bian Chen, Ma Xiaojie, Ge Wenjing.
Other Designer's names Architect: Xu Feng,Ma Xiyin. VR Engineer:Du Ming. Proprietor :Lu Yawen.
Architecture Company Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd
Client Shanghai Siqi Culture Spreading Co., Ltd.
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Entry Description

The Union Church was founded in Shanghai in 1886. In 2021, it was converted into a music performance space. Lighting design aims to create a ‘small and beautiful’ space.

Firstly, functional lighting meet both environment and stage lighting needs. The Building Management Department set a strict requirement, no damage to walls. So, the design team almost re-create a new truss structure inside of the space. Lighting fixtures are suspended on the new structure without a nail hole.

Secondly, the main pendant light is a ‘creative highlight’, combining both the lighting and acoustic needs. It is fitted with recessed lights and decorative candle-shaped lights and can match well with the architectural style. Also, the pendant light provides both sufficient functional lighting and stage lighting. Since the spatial reverberation needs, we worked with acoustic consultant and creatively embedded acrylic panels on the pendant light to provides enough acoustic reflection.

Finally, the vertical lighting is designed to shape the space volume. In-ground recessed wall washers are used to express the wall texture and the Gothic arch. It could get a high brightness perception in visitors’ vision.