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The Ashram Centre for Yoga and Spiritual Practices

Prize(s) Winners in Healthcare Lighting
Company THE VIEW lighting design bureau
Lead Designers Valery Gorelova
Architecture Company Daria Zvereva
Client Natalia Osmann / Anastasia Zhuravel
Photo Credits Daniel Annenkov
Completion Date May 2021
Project Location Moscow
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Entry Description

The Ashram Centre for Yoga and Spiritual Practices occupies about 100 sq.m. of a well-lit space on the first floor of an early twentieth-century house.
Light was the main tool for transforming a commercial space into a studio for meditative body-mind practices.
On the western wall of the hall there is the central element of the interior — a bas-relief depicting a multi-armed deity projecting through the vertical plane.
The deity's facial expression can change due to the finely executed light scenography. Various lighting scenarios allow guests to focus their attention on a particular state of mind depending on the practice taking place in the room. Soft diffused light sets the practice of active meditations and awareness work in action, while high-contrast modes allow one to focus on the inner work with the subconscious and deep meditations.
Accent lights and LED-line mark the way to the second floor, where the massage and aurasoma rooms are located. Both rooms on the second floor are in semi-darkness, that is soothing and heightening sensory perception.
Casambi control system let instructors switch lighting scenarios right during the practices without walking around the room.
Company Description

Collaboration of lighting designers from different countries for the purpose to create the new lighting image of the cities all around the world.