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Boulevard on Pivdenna street

Prize(s) Winners in Street Lighting
Company Expolight
Lead Designers Mykola Kabluka
Architecture Company Filimonov & Kashirina architects
Photo Credits Expolight
Other Credits Expolight
Completion Date 31/10/2020
Project Location Dnipro, Ukraine
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Entry Description
Illumination of the adjacent pedestrian boulevard includes functional light from supporting lamps, illumination of trees with spotlights built into the ground, and illumination of a stream laid across the boulevard.

The main dominant of the boulevard is the longest artificial stream in Ukraine, 200m long, as well as the 7m Atlant sculpture. At this place 100 years ago, the underground river Polovitsa flowed, the channel of which was placed in a collector.

The entire lighting concept of the boulevard is built around the manifestation of the theme of water. To add a corner of nature among urbanization and return to modern residents this ancient river, which was walled up underground.

The task was to create the illusion that water is running along the stream due to the dynamics of light. Individual light nodes and dynamic lighting programs create the effect of a flowing stream, even when the water is drained from the channel for the winter. The lighting design of the boulevard is designed so as not to create excessive light pollution, while remaining functional and aesthetic, leaving the main light accent on the stream.