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Die Ärzte Stadium Festival design 2022

Prize(s) Winners in Live Design Lighting
Company Bertil Mark Lighting Design
Lead Designers Bertil Mark
Other Designer's names Stop Making Sense Design
Client Die Ärzte
Photo Credits Ralph Larmann - Paul Gärtner
Completion Date september 2022
Project Location germany, austria, switzerland
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Entry Description

variable honeycomb design

the decision to almost entirely hide the lighting set was made very consciously, explains the designer: "By accommodating most of the spotlights in the honeycombs, the stage itself looks very minimalist and tidy. But there are always changes and surprises due to the way the honeycombs are moved and as a result of their assembly.”

In general, the show is characterised by spontaneity and the element of surprise: “There is no fixed format. The spontaneity on stage is almost a trademark of the band, and a technical failure can also become part of the show. Being able to act spontaneously and creatively as an operator is, so to speak, my speciality. I have little interest in timecode perfection, and I play the lighting more like an instrument. That's why I enjoy working with the band so much."
Company Description

Bertil Mark is an award-winning show and conceptual lighting designer who is mostly known for his work by playing lights with artists and bands for music. he is part of the german design collective Stop Making Sense Design.
Alert intelligence combined with filigree sensibility, a self-educated individual who is always opening up new spaces for himself, a restless spirit and body who never appears to stand still. Always one step ahead of himself yet, to the outside world, constant in his artistic expression.