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MAHÁ Residence

Prize(s) Winners in Residential Lighting
Company Light Poetic International Lighting Designers
Lead Designers Ya-Hui Cheng
Other Designer's names Xin-Mei Zeng
Interior Design Company Ezhen Design
Client MAHÁ Club & Residences, Chaoyang Park, Beijing
Photo Credits MAHÁ Club & Residences, Chaoyang Park, Beijing
Other Credits Amie Schulenburg
Completion Date January, 2021
Project Location Beijing, China
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Entry Description

Lighting design is to search for simple elegance and emphasis on the design content, quality, and sense of space. Lighting mood is set to be soft, warm, calm, relaxing, welcoming, and the lighting levels are in balance with luxury hotel experience. Instead of using fancy and loud lighting elements, we use a “simple but tightly integrated” lighting strategy that makes the overall design elements in harmony with the space. We want to make the space as natural as possible, not over-designed. Lighting for the artworks is carefully planned, not to challenge the interior element. Millworks lighting is tightly integrated with a composition of front-lit or back-lit. The decorative lights are carefully selected to create surprises in the space meanwhile match the design theme. In the wardrobe, the mirror image of the pendant naturally extends the space, creating a simple surprise. The project use low-frequency LED lights and control technology utilized at an intuitive level with scenes set in a smooth transition. Human-centric lighting approach is considered to ensure the occupant's wellbeing. At night, the color temperature is dimmed to a very warm, creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.
Company Description

Light Poetic’s design process begins with recognizing the space and its key design elements in collaboration with architects, interior designers and our clients.

Our efforts as lighting designers are to search for the greatest potential and ideas to illuminate the space with a balance of soft and bold, direct and indirect, subtle and vibrant, light and shadow, decorative and architectural.

The human touch is significant for us. We design for humanity and enjoy having our clients see the light poetically and meaningfully.