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Dezhou Business Center

Prize(s) Winners in Conceptual Project/In Development
Company Shanghai Guide Technology Co., Ltd.
Lead Designers Zeng Quan, Liu Jun
Other Designer's names Sun Yibing, Tian Xiaogang, Hong Feifei, Jiang Yu, Zhang Tingting, Yu You, Zhang Heng
Project Location Dezhou, Shandong Province, China
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Entry Description

The project takes "mountain" as the core design concept. The buildings are like a mountain that erects in the urban concrete jungle. This mountain can be seen either as a humanistic mountain of cultural heritage, or a digital mountain of technological information.

Dezhou Business Center consists of three buildings arranged in the form of a ‘mountain’, showing a harmonious height difference and an aesthetic image. The lighting design is coordinated with the buildings. With the intelligent control of lighting effects, the design team has created a series of night scenes that are holistic, coordinated, and well balanced.

The lighting effect is managed by an intelligent control system, which enables individual control of the luminous surface on the building facades. Each luminous surface control unit is decided according to which facade it is on and the height difference. Luminous surfaces close to the residential area nearby are optimized with gray scale control, in order to achieve a soft lighting effect by controlling the luminous flux. All lamps are combined with a shade to prevent the light source from emitting light directly and mitigate the glare.

The lighting effect is managed through installation techniques. The lighting fixtures are embedded into the curtain walls. Thus, the integrated control of lighting effect is obtained by the advance planning of the installation.